By purchasing a ticket via this website you agree to be bound by Rebellion Festivals Ltd Terms and Conditions which are published on our website here -

Further Terms and conditions of use are:


a) Artists and billed attractions may be subject to change

b) No trading allowed within the venue without Rebellion Festivals Ltd’s prior consent.

c) Goods using unauthorised event logos and unauthorised professional recording equipment must be surrendered to staff.

d) Do not buy tickets or goods from unlawful street traders/touts. They are invalid.

e) You give your express consent to your actual/ simulated likeness to be included for no fee within any audio or visual recording to be used in any media for any purpose at any time. This includes filming by the police or security staff which may be carried out for the security of customers and/or the prevention of crime.


a) Refunds are only considered on major cancellation, substantial alteration or by special exception determined by Rebellion Festivals Ltd

b) Refunds should be obtained from the point of purchase, no later than 3 months after the event.

c) A minimum of the face value of the ticket will be refunded.

d) Please allow up to 28 days from the date of the return approval for ticket refunds to be processed.


a) No unaccompanied under 16’s are allowed on site.

b) Under 16’s must be accompanied by an over 18.

c) Children under 12 are free with an adult holding a weekend ticket (maximum 3 children). They must be accompanied by their parent/guardian at all times. If your child is under 12 but looks older, you may be asked to provide proof of age for free entry.


a) Tickets are non-transferable and only valid when purchased from official agents of Rebellion Festivals Ltd

b) Tickets/wristbands purchased from unauthorised sources will be rendered invalid and refused admission.

c) Tickets must be exchanged for a wristband on first entry at a wristband exchange. No re-admission on ticket.

d) Tickets must be valid, presented in full, with stubs and not tampered with (in the event of accidental damage, refer to point of purchase prior to event). Tickets remain the property of Rebellion Festivals Ltd.

e) Rebellion Festivals Ltd will not issue duplicate tickets for lost or stolen tickets.

f) Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion, without the prior written consent of Rebellion Festivals Ltd.

g) The ticket holder is responsible for their tickets until it is exchanged for a wristband and then responsible for their wristband for the duration of the event.

h) All wristbands remain the property of Rebellion Festivals Ltd until 12 Noon the day after the last day of the event.


a) Deposits (down payments) are non-refundable under any circumstances.

b) Instalment payments will be refunded if the purchase plan is cancelled by the customer up to 30 days prior to the event, or by Rebellion Festivals Ltd due to non-payment of agreed instalments.

c) E-tickets will be delivered by email (and available to download in your account) upon receipt of final instalment payment.


a) Rebellion Festivals Ltd reserves the right to evict a customer without refund, and/or refuse admission.

b) You may be body/bag searched at the entrances, on the site or when leaving.

c) Any item(s), reasonably considered for use as a weapon, which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person, must be surrendered to staff.

d) Any person carrying illegal items or carrying out illegal activity will be given to the Police and refused entry.

e) Anti-social behaviour may lead to eviction. Please act responsibly.


Rebellion Festivals Ltd is unable to accept any liability for personal or property damages, losses (including surrendered items) or injuries sustained at this event - other than caused as a result of our negligence.


a) Banned from event - Gas canisters, aerosols over 250ml, airhorns, fireworks, flares, glass, illegal substances, drugs, ‘legal highs’, laser equipment/pens, megaphones, nitrous oxide, sky or ‘chinese’ lanterns, sound systems, spray cans, tabards/high viz jackets.

b) Anyone resisting the surrender of disallowed items or disregarding these conditions will face eviction.

c) Under 18’s are not permitted to bring alcohol or to purchase alcohol on site.

d) It is illegal for an over 18 to purchase alcohol on the behalf of under 18s.


a) Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public spaces or buildings.

b) Excessive exposure to loud music may cause damage to your hearing.

c) Pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting/special effects may take place during some performances.


a) Please use the bins and recycling points provided on and off site.

b) No animals, other than guide or hearing dogs, are permitted on site.

If any of these T&C’s are unclear please contact


a) You can cancel your Rebellion payment plan at any time by emailing us at Deposits are non-refundable.

b) Payments are collected by direct debit each month until the balance is paid in full.